1. Selene

    I like this website very much,so much fantastic. Services are great

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  2. Jeremysefd

    Box touch down Friday
    Everything looks good

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  3. Clarkvutle

    Stuff just landed a day before my birthday, this is great.
    Appreciate fam

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  4. Corine

    My brother suggested I will like the products from this company. He was entirely right.never had something like this for the past 20years.
    Am definitely caming back for more once am done with this batch.

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  5. Verona

    Got my refund👍
    But hope the process is more rapid

    Mango Kush [ 30grams  ]Mango Kush [ 30grams ]

  6. AmyNotBub

    Everything good on this site
    Package got damage and I get a refund
    Really, couldn’t believe it

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  7. Eric Jones

    Hey, this is Eric
    I was recommended to your site by my cousin, everything is great
    USPS mailing looks good

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  8. Andy

    Ordered for green bars but got white
    Next time check ma special note
    Perfect thou. Got ma order and it’s good

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  9. Sogerrolf

    The product I received wasn’t what I ordered. U guys should fxckin double check b4 shipping stuffs.

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