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  1. John

    Don’t buy
    Need every pint for myself
    This shit is damn good

    Promethazine Hydrochloride/Codeine Phosphate 6.25mg-10mg/5mL SyrupPromethazine Hydrochloride/Codeine Phosphate 6.25mg-10mg/5mL Syrup

  2. FrankVitly

    I’ll right away grab some products. My friend successfully receive

    Blue Dream Cannabis Oil [10 grams]Blue Dream Cannabis Oil [10 grams]

  3. ScottyOpige

    You guys Fucked up ma package.
    Got me pissed up

    Blue Dream Cannabis Oil [10 grams]Blue Dream Cannabis Oil [10 grams]

  4. Albertina

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but everything worked out real good. Will be back soon

    Green Crack [30 grams]Green Crack [30 grams]

  5. Perry

    Would preferred picking up my packages myself. The mail dude made me skip work

    Ketamine [ 10mg/ml 500mg/10ml 100mg/ml]Ketamine [ 10mg/ml 500mg/10ml 100mg/ml]

  6. Jackson

    Have a great day.
    Glad to do business with you

    AK-47 (30 grams)AK-47 (30 grams)

  7. Christopher James

    the money was refunded. I will be given you a tip

    I’m sorry. Before I assumed that I got ripped off. Understood unfortunate situation do occur

    AK-47 (30 grams)AK-47 (30 grams)

  8. Selene

    I like this website very much,so much fantastic. Services are great

    California Orange [30 grams]California Orange [30 grams]

  9. Jeremysefd

    Box touch down Friday
    Everything looks good

    Adderall XR (Amphetamine) [30mg x 50 Capsule]Adderall XR (Amphetamine) [30mg x 50 Capsule]

  10. Clarkvutle

    Stuff just landed a day before my birthday, this is great.
    Appreciate fam

    AK-47 (30 grams)AK-47 (30 grams)

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