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Alaskan Thunder Fuck [ 30grams ]


Alaskan Thunder Fuck, or simply known as ATF for short is a sativa strain known by everyone from cannabis connoisseurs to the average stoner. A super heavy-hitter, ATF is a sativa that is known for its bolstering THC concentrations that range from 18-28%. Smoke up and feel the instantly relaxing and euphoric effects of this strain.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck by Sovereign Farms, ATF for short, is an exquisite Sativa strain that originated within the harsh climates fo the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. The cannabis community knows it for its incredibly high THC concentrations. Due to the harsh conditions of the Alaskan climate, ATF has adapted to developing dense trichomes that can be seen on its surface. Many enthusiasts believe that ATF was originally a cross between a Northern-Cal sativa strain with a typical Russian reduralis. However, today’s ATF is a cross with afghani, making it more potent and remarkable.

Characteristics and Effects

Beautifully frosted nugs are the defining features of ATF. The sizes range from medium to large and sport a pale shade of green with vibrant orange pistils. The buds are coated in a dense layer of trichomes which make them particularly sticky and soft. The aroma has a strong earthiness smell that is emphasized by wood and pine, characteristic of the natural Alaskan climate. There are also undertones of a sort of nuttiness scent. During the smoke, many find this strain to be very pungent when burning, leaving a taste of ammonia and lemon. The smoke is quite heavy, therefore coughing is quite common.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck by Sovereign Farms is known to have a creeper effect that hits you in the face after a short delay. The average THC content is a high 20% but some batches have tested up to 28%.  Being a very dominant sativa strain, ATF will have intense cerebral effects on the user. After the first puff, users will begin to feel a burst of energy followed by feelings of happiness and euphoria. Many users will also experience bouts of creativity and giggles. This strain is a perfect day time smoke for doing activities as it increases focus. It is also great for social interactions as you will feel uplifted and talkative.

ATF is great for treating conditions such as chronic stress, depression, lack of appetite, fatigue and pain. However, users should be aware as its high THC content can induce anxiety and paranoia if you’re inexperienced.


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