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Death Bubba [ 30grams ]


Death Bubba is an indica strain that was created from crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush. Originating from Vancouver, BC, this potent indica strain is packed with a pungent and skunk like aroma. Accompanied with the smell, a sweet, earthy, and clean taste is left in the mouth after smoking.


Intro Death Budda

Death Bubba ; Bred by Matteo Suleyman in Vancouver, the Death Bubba is a beautiful strain characterized by its purple-hue and rich with trichomes and terpenes. It was created by cross-breeding Death Star and Bubba Kush creating a pungent pair of skunk and reeks of grass while producing a cloud of smoke that is clean, sweet, and earthy. It produces a semi-sedative effect that binds the smoker to the couch and making it unlikely for them to do any sort of activities while still high. The cannabis strain is known for soothing physical discomforts which makes this strain popular among medical marijuana users. People who suffer from sleep disorders can also gain from smoking the Death Bubba for a restful and relaxing sleep after the initial high.

Appearance & Aroma

The Death Bubba is one strain that helped put British Columbia on the map when it comes to legal weed. Its high THC level reaches up to an astounding 27%. The green and purple buds are going to leave anyone locked in their couch in a state of waking coma. The bud is covered in white trichomes as well as a good spattering of brown hairs. The flavor most dominant from the Death Bubba is a hint of lemon zest with spiced rum which makes this strain perfect for a nightcap.


From the first puff, its effects are almost immediate. Smokers feel the rush of its psychoactive properties and leave them floating on a cloud. An initial burst of energy will give smokers motivation and focus to sort out the things they need sorting out. As the high pushes on, smokers find themselves drifting away from socialization, sinking instead inwards into their thoughts. Before long, smokers will find themselves in a deep slumber. All these effects have made the Death Bubba the number one choice for nighttime smoking. Those on their day off or enjoying a weekend with nothing else to do can turn to this strain for a wake and bake adventure.

Medical Use

The Death Bubba is most ideal for people with depression and experiencing a lot of stress because it has a sedative as well as mood stimulating properties. Its ability to numb the body is highly recommended for those who are experiencing chronic pain, spasms, and inflammation. As mentioned before, people who suffer from insomnia will benefit from the effects of the Death Bubba. Novice smokers are advised to approach this strain with caution because of its potency and psychoactive effects.


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