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Laughing Buddha [ 30grams ]


Laughing Buddha is a world-recognized sativa strain known for taking 3rd Place for Best Strain at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. Bred by Barney’s Farm, a talented team hailing all the way from the Netherlands, Laughing Buddha has solidified its status as a legendary sativa strain in North America. A cross between a fruity, piney and sweet smelling Jamaican landrace and a contrasting earthy Thai landrace, this strain has a marvelous terpene profile and also boasts a whopping high of 20% THC levels. Uplifting, euphoric and giggly, Laughing Buddha is a sativa strain that will leave you feeling happy, energetic and motivated.

Laughing Buddha is a sativa strain that is recognized by both medicinal and recreational users globally. A recipient of the well-known and respected High Times Cannabis Cup (2003), this strain was originally grown by Barney’s Farm, a team of passionate and highly established team of cannabis growers from the Netherlands. A sweet cross between two strains, a Thai and Jamaian landrace, Laughing Buddha is now easily distinguished from other strains by its sweet, citrusy aroma and earthy undertones. This sativa is known for its formidable and quick, almost instantaneous high and its THC concentrations that range from 16-20%. Very uplifting in nature, Laughing Buddha keeps users euphoric, upbeat and giggly. This strain is ideal for day-time usage as its cheery, energetic and focusing qualities make it great for social gatherings and even work due to the creative nature of the high. Medicinally, Laughing Buddha is highly regarded for its euphoric and uplifting essentiality, helping users ease their depression and stress from every day life.


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