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Obama kush (30grams )


Obama Kush


Born from Afghani and OG Kush strains, Obama Kush is truly a presidential strain. It offers well-rounded yet mild effects which is great for the average user. Generally Obama Kush has a slight purple hue beneath the thick dusting of resin.

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Pain, Headaches,   Stress, Nausea
Deep relaxation, euphoria and       creativity
Taste and smell

Obama Kush produces average THC levels of 16%, with some crops reaping in at 21%. Its high is known to be well rounded and balanced, good for both novice and veteran cannabis consumers. Despite its indica dominance, it creates uplifting cerebral effects that increase happiness and boost creativity. Still, this strain combats pain and reduces aches surrounding the spine. Many reviewers suggest using this strain at night since it will induce a deep relaxation, good for melting away the stress of the day.

The most common ill side-effect of this strain is cottonmouth. Some have reported dizziness after taking a few hits, so start slow with this strain and wait several minutes for its effects to take hold.

Obama Kush consists of short stature but produce sturdy stalks. Normal flowering time it between eight and nine weeks. Where can I buy Obama kush online near me. Medical marijuana from skyrocketpharm


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