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Pearl Oyster [ 1/2ounce spore OR solution package ]


5.00 out of 5

Classification: Edible, Medicinal
Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Substrates: Spawn bags; Straw; Wood chips, sawdust; Newspaper, cardboard
Temperature: Colonizing / Fruiting – 70-75 / 60-70
Strain Origin: N. America; Eurasia

Liquid culture.

Description: This is the most common temperate Oyster mushroom. Depending on substrate, light and temperature, Pearly Oysters will vary in coloration from white to gray and brown. Generally, more intense light will produce a darker coloration. Pearl Oysters are an adaptable species that fruits easily on a wide range of substrates and are good candidates for recycling wood and paper waste into edible mushrooms. As with all Oyster mushrooms, Pearl Oysters need plenty of fresh air to develop normally. High carbon dioxide levels from mushroom metabolism will accumulate in sealed growing environments and can reduce cap size and elongate stems severely. Fruiting in open humidity chambers with frequent fresh air exchange will produce best possible yields.

This is the maximum commonplace temperate Oyster mushroom. relying on substrate, mild and temperature, Pearly Oysters will range in shade from white to grey and brown. normally, more extreme mild will produce a darker colour. Pearl Oysters are an adaptable species that fruits without problems on a extensive variety of substrates and are correct candidates for recycling wooden and paper waste into safe to eat mushrooms. as with any Oyster mushrooms, Pearl Oysters want lots of fresh air to increase generally. high carbon dioxide degrees from mushroom metabolism will gather in sealed developing environments and might lessen cap length and elongate stems significantly. Fruiting in open humidity chambers with frequent sparkling air alternate will produce great possible yields.

Oyster mushrooms are a number of the perfect mushrooms to domesticate at domestic. They develop on pretty much anything, and generally tend to do thoroughly with a minimal quantity of care and aid. The pearl oyster mushroom produces amazing specimens and could be very smooth to grow.

every ready-to-grow mushroom block has been infused with pearl oyster mushroom tradition and is ready to begin fruiting upon receipt. Produce tastey and healthy oyster mushrooms proper on the kitchen counter! package consists of primary humidity tent and oyster mushroom grow block commands.

The oyster mushroom block will benefit from the “open” air environment of the furnished humidity tent. growing this mushroom in an enclosed environment with infrequent or restrained fresh air trade may also result in odd mushroom increase.

Mushroom fruiting will begin inside 1-2 weeks of initiating the kit per supplied instructions. count on plentiful and common harvests over the lifestyles of your block package. Blocks will produce mushrooms over the direction of two-4 flushes for 1-2 months, depending on care.

once your oyster mushrooms are finished generating, the spent oyster mushroom blocks may be used to spawn different growmediums with some achievement, inclusive of straw bales, timber chip piles, even cardboard and paper.

plenty cooler than a chia-pet, you can consume your tasty, wholesome harvests!

Pearl oyster mushroom spawn is likewise available in six pound blocks of colonized sawdust, that is great perfect for inoculating pasteurized straw or different bulk fruiting substrates. you could also use the larger six pound sawdust blocks as an “upsized” equipped to grow mushroom block, as they’re basically the equal issue as this ready to grow kit, simplest large.

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