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Purple Haze (30grams)


Purple Haze is one of the most sought after strains in the world. It was named after Jimi Hendrix’s hit song, in part due to it’s distinctive lavender color and because one of its parents is the Haze strain.



Popularized by (but unrelated from) Jimi Hendrix’s classic song, the Purple Haze strain is best known for its euphoric and almost psychedelic stimulation. This elusive classic sports a mild potency while also boasting both Sativa and Indica effects. After consumption, there is an almost immediate impact; similar to Sour Diesel. Consumers often note the sweet, berry-candy aromas that give root to any Purple strain. Secondarily, you will notice the earthy spice undertones and maybe a burst of grape. The aromas and flavors in this strain blend so well, even the smoke tastes sweet!

Purple Haze is an 85/15 Sativa dominant strain. Its origins are unknown but strain experts believe it is a cross of the well-liked strains Haze and Purple Thai; rooting lineage to popular strains like Lemon Hazeand Grape Ape. Being a Sativa dominant with Haze lineage makes this an optimal strain to treat muscle tension, pain, headaches, depression, and anxiety. Need an energetic buzz with a smooth mellow fade? A body high without the couch lock? The effects of this strain would also be beneficial when combined with activities that stimulate the mind and body, such as video games or exercise. Take this strain to a party if you have a difficult time talking socially. New cannabis users beware! Always start low, go slow.



Recreational and medical users have described an intense sense of inspiration, blissful tranquillity, and a slight body buzz. This fragrant bud is well known for its cerebral stimulation, curbing fatigue and discomfort. This stimulation can benefit users with attention deficit disorders who may be unable to focus on a singular task. Medical patients use it for nausea, migraines and chronic pain as well. Unfortunately, Purple Haze weed effects do not include as much “munchies” as others, check out Strawberry Cheesecake for major appetite stimulation!

Side effects are more often seen in high doses. Dry mouth can be alleviated with water, try adding lemon juice as the terpene limonene stimulates saliva production.

Purple Haze
General Effects Purple Haze
Medicinal PropertiesPurple Haze
Side EffectsHappiness 100%Anxiety & Stress 100%Dry Mouth & Eyes 90%Euphoric 90%Pain & Muscle Spasms 70%Anxiety 50%Creativity 80%Depression 60%Giddy after Consumption 40%Relaxation 60%ADD & ADHD 60%Dizziness 20%Energizing 60%Fatigue/Insomnia 50%Minor Paranoia 20%Sociable 50%PTSD 50%Minor Headache 10% Loss of Appetite & Nausea 30%  Headaches & Migraines 30%

Purple Haze’s THC level can range from 12-20% which is typical for a Sativa (like its cousin Strawberry Cough), while CBD usually sits around .1-.5%, making this an immensely beneficial strain. CBN is typically .01-.05%. In the case of overstimulation or anxiety from the high THC, a dose of CBD can remedy this side effect.


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