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Space Queen [ 30grams ]


Space Queen is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid that is sought after by many. Resulting from a cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99, Space Queen inherits the best of both strains. This strain produces a strong cerebral high that is characterized by a burst of energy, euphoria, and happiness



Space Queen

Space Queen is a renowned hybrid in the cannabis world. Bred by top-notch growers in BC, it is a cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99 guaranteeing a top-notch strain. It inherits the best features from both its dank parents, making it considered a legendary hybrid among avid smokers.

Characteristics and Effects

What make this cannabis strain so sought out for is its amazing quality and attributes. Being so difficult to produce and nurture, it is quite hard to find. This strain is known for its large, dense and frosted buds. With its highly resinous coating, it has a medium to high THC content which can produce the perfect buzz even for heavier smokers. This cannabis strain has a rich terpene profile with distinct scents. Many smokers describe the aroma as earthy, flowery, and spicy, with little hints of sweetness and citrus. Space queen has a very distinct, strong and well-received taste. Furthermore, Space queen smokes smoothly with very little coughing and irritation on the lungs compared to other similar strains.

Being a sativa-dominant strain, the effects of Space Queen are characteristic of a strong sativa. It will give users a burst of energy with an uplifting and euphoric feeling; making it the perfect strain for social environments. As stated before, this strain can be quite potent so even frequent cannabis users will feel a strong buzz. Beginners be warned and mindful of dosages as a strong sativa cerebral high may cause anxiety or paranoia. THC levels can be as low as 16% but as high as 26% in some cases. In most cases, the THC levels will be around 20-22%.

Space Queen is perfect for treating various medical conditions. Due to its strong sativa high, many use it for it treating stress and depression. Side effects of Space Queen mostly involve dry eyes and dry mouth but can also cause dizziness or anxiety in beginner smokers as mentioned earlier


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