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Tuna Kush [ 30grams ]


Tuna Kush is a British Columbian bred strain that was originally created by the infamous team from 5 Star Organics. This team of craft cannabis growers perfected the ultimate indica strain: they created an incredibly potent strain that boasts averages of 28% THC concentrations, with an amazing diesel, gas-like aroma and flavour profile. Tuna Kush is well-renowned for its heavy-hitting high and pain alleviating healing effects.

Tuna kush , the Tuna Kush is a rare indica-dominant strain that many believe is the phenotype of the Hindu Kush. It’s known for its beautiful and relaxing high that’s complemented with an overpowering aroma. The pungent smell of the Tuna Kush can smell like rotting fish at times. The smell also transfers into its taste and flavor and leaves a sour and skunky taste that might leave many people gagging. If you can get past the smell and the taste, you get to experience one of the richest highs you can ever experience on an indica strain. The Tuna Kush high is described as a dreamy euphoria that won’t leave you lethargic and glued to the couch. It’s the type of high that will encourage both introspection and peacefulness.

Appearance & Aroma

The Tuna Kush has a THC level of about 17%. It might seem like any normal strain on first glance with the buds tainted a rich mint green color with a few accents of amber and clear crystals. What really brings people’s attention to its bud is the stench. Many liken it to a fishy smell, sometimes very similar to a rotting tune hence the name. The smell is more evident the moment the bud is lighted. The powerful scent also carries over into its flavor, with added notes of sour skunk. It’s clearly a strain that will need a bit of getting used to.


The Tuna Kush’s foul odor and smell are absolved by its effects. Its high is described as one of the best highs ever experienced on an indica strain. It boasts a high that’s both euphoric and dreamy. As soon as its effects kick in, you feel a warm sensation washing over your body, traveling from head to toe. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert smoker or a novice, the Tuna OG will lock you on the couch with a silly grin on your face with just enough energy to mingle and socialize with friends around you.

Medical Use

Tuna Kush is not the first strain that comes to mind in terms of medical marijuana use. But it is not purely recreational strain altogether. It offers relief to a number of medical issues. It can help with those experiencing depression and anxiety, boosting one’s mood due to its euphoric effect. It also resolves insomnia when it’s taken right before bedtime. The taste and smell might leave you gagging but you’ll soon realize that it does eventually vanish.


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