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Walter white [ 30grams ]


5.00 out of 5

Walter White is a notable hybrid strain that was originally bred by Mephisto Genetics. They crossed together The White, a strain known for its extreme trichome and resin production, and another unknown sativa strain to create this uber-potent strain named after Breaking Bad’s notorious protagonist. This strain is ideal for day-time use, as it’s moderately high THC levels of 15-23% are high enough to get you a buzz, but not enough for you to become counter-productive. This uplifting and energetic strain will motivate you to push through your day as it induces users into a happy, and euphoric state, promoting social interactions and helping you to focus on your priorities. The taste and aroma of Walter White is decribed as being almost like a citrus and creme flavour – pungent, earthy notes combine with a sweet, tangy citrus undertone to create a truly delectable smoking experience on the inhale and exhale.


Walter White is an exceptional hybrid strain that we are thrilled to offer our customers. Originally just a project strain over at Mephisto Genetics, it has now become a world-renowned and critically acclaimed hybrid strain. Made from crossing The White with a mysterious sativa strain, this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a great cerebral buzz that is sure to satisfy even the most veteran of users.

Characteristics and Effects

This strain is known for its large and chunky flowers that are often irregularly formed. The buds contain mixed shades of green and are quite fluffy. The pistils are long and dark which provides a brown/orange accent to the nugs. True to its name, the buds are exceptionally frosted with translucent white trichomes, giving them a white contrast despite its deep colours. The abundance of trichomes provides insight into its high THC content which can be as high as 22% in some but average around 19% in most cases.

The aroma of this strain is distinguishable by its earthiness and woody scent with a touch of spice and herbs. Furthermore on closer inspection, one will note the hints of zestiness from citrus fruits. Furthermore, when smoking Walter White, the combination of pine and earthiness with undertones of citrus stick to the tongue, leaving a fresh taste. The smoke is quite thick and may aggravate the lungs. Some users even note a creaminess after exhaling.

Being a sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain provides the user with an uplifting and euphoric head buzz that will make their worries disappear. Furthermore, users will experience a surge of energy, followed bouts of chattiness and optimism. Walter White hits quite quickly, putting pressure on the eyes and around the temples. This strain is perfect for those who want an active mental stimulation. Creativity and focus levels will be soaring through the roof after a good session with this strain. Beyond the energetic cerebral buzz, users will feel extremely relaxed and stoned. All the muscles in the body will start to unwind, leaving you feeling a bit lazy but not enough to cause couch-lock.

Patients will use this strain to treat stress, nausea, and depression. Some might find mild pain relief with this strain.


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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Recommended by a friend and didn’t disappoint me at all.
    Found a real plug after so many bad experiences.
    Stick where you’re comfortable

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